Prenatal and Birth Sessions for Adults

If people enter the world knowing and feeling they matter, then they have received the first necessary rite of passage to becoming human and, in turn, they are likely to treat themselves and all other living things as though they matter too.

– Mia Kalef, The Secret Life of Babies

Do Any of the Following Resonate with You?

You are aware of some of these behaviours, patterns and core beliefs that keep repeating and playing out in your life, such as:

  • change and transitions are difficult – things like moving home, moving to a new job, starting a new project, preparing for a journey can send you in an unexpected panic – you feel stuck
  • you feel ambivalence in (intimate) relationships – you long for contact and at the same time you feel invaded and scared – you are stuck in a push/pull dynamic
  • at times you feel you don’t want to be here and the world is not a safe place
  • you may feel that there is something missing and you are not enough
  • you tend to do everything on your own and feel you have to keep pushing
  • you think that everyone else’s needs come first and feel that if everyone else is OK, you will be OK.
  • you experience recurrent migraines and headaches
  • you feel tension in specific parts of your body that doesn’t seem to have a physical origin

You know you have experienced some challenges in your early life (in the womb, at birth, in your early childhood), such as:

  • you had a difficult birth in which the process was somehow interrupted or interfered with (e.g. induction, C-section, forceps, separation after birth)
  • you lost a twin in the womb
  • you came into a prenatal environment which included anxiety, stress and overwhelm and you did not feel seen and welcome
  • you grew up in an environment in which your emotional needs could not be met.

Have you ever wondered if your current challenging patterns, behaviours and core beliefs may originate as far back as your own conception and birth?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy acknowledges the importance of the way we come into the world and how this shapes who we become.

If our basic human needs of recognition, acknowledgment and unconditional acceptance were not met as a prenate in the womb or as a baby, we may then have difficulties in developing a sense of safety in the world and being present with ourselves and others in our adult life.

This may be reflected in particular in

  • the way we respond to stress,
  • how we experience transitions
  • how we come into relationship.

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can Help you Heal your Early Imprints

Our early tendencies will continue to play in our adult life and be held in our body until we become aware of them and find a space where our ‘Little One’ inside can be heard and met.

A Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session is an invitation into a new relational space in which you are seen, received, acknowledged and unconditionally accepted. This creates a new context for your early relational experiences.

Over time your nervous system can relax and you can begin to experience safety at a level that you may have never known before.

Your body will then show us the parts of your process that may need completing or resolving.

Exploring the way you have been impacted by your prenatal and birth experiences can shed light on your behaviours, tendencies and patterns that are preventing you from feeling fully alive and embodied in your present life.

Whether you know you had challenging early experiences or are curious to discover what coming into this world was like for you and how that has shaped your life, in our work together I hold a space for you to:

  • Explore your early experiences and how they are expressed in your life
  • Complete and resolve the parts of your prenatal and birth process where you were interrupted or felt stuck
  • Differentiate what happened then and what’s happening now
  • Welcome your ‘Little One’ inside
  • Reclaim the goodness that you may have forgotten and that is never lost.

Healing Your Early Imprints can Empower You to:

  • Find your way back into your body and enjoy ‘being here’
  • Reconnect with your soul and inner wisdom
  • Experience a deep sense of safety in yourself and in relationships
  • Feel more whole
  • Fully embody your potential
  • Feel fully alive
  • Experience transitions and change with more flow and ease.

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