Online Video Sessions

I offer online video sessions via Zoom using biodynamic craniosacral therapy and mindful enquiry.

Although the hands-on work cannot entirely be replicated online, when we connect via video we still work somatically, with the body and felt sense, and clients have found them as deep and transformative as in person sessions (although I do miss the hands on work!). Having the sessions in your own home/space also allows new opportunities for healing to be more embodied and integrated in your present life.

As well as being a craniosacral therapist I also have training in trauma work, relational mindfulness and prenatal & birth therapy, which I integrate in my online sessions. My intention is to hold a safe space for deep process to unfold over time, in whatever way is needed.

In online video sessions I can offer in particular:

Online video sessions are most suitable for people who have some previous experience of craniosacral therapy, talking therapy or other somatic therapies and feel comfortable to engage with their body process and felt sense.

If we haven’t worked together before, I will invite you to have an initial email or phone conversation to explore what brings you to this work and see whether online sessions are the right support for you at this time.

What happens in an online video session

We connect via video and the session format is similar to in person sessions.

At the beginning we settle together and talk about what is important for you and what your intention for the session is. Then I will support you to resource and ground.

From there we will explore what is present for you and what wants to be heard, witnessed, held and completed. You may decide to stay sitting up or lie down, depending on what we are working with. Throughout the session I will support you to be present with what is happening and together we will track the sensations and felt sense in your body. At times I may ask you to make contact with parts of your body in the way I would do if we were in the room together.

As the session comes to an end, we will sit back together and check in with what is important and what needs to be acknowledged to help completing.

I will then help you end the video connection mindfully, thinking about how you can support your transition out of the session back to your home/family life.

Preparing for an online session

Choose a comfortable space where you have internet access, a computer (preferably) or mobile phone and where you won’t be disturbed for one hour. If you are using your mobile phone, please make sure you have a place for it to sit so you don’t need to hold it in your hand.

I suggest you find a place where you can sit as comfortably as possible – a comfy chair or on the floor. It is important to either have your feet on the ground or sit on the ground.

You may also want to have a space to lie down for part of the session if appropriate, but this is not essential.

You may want to have tissues, a glass of water and a blanket. You could light a candle or incense – or do anything that may connect you to a sense of resource and wellness and can remind you of the therapy room.

I will sit in my home therapy room.

Using Zoom to connect to a session

I use the secure platform Zoom ( for all my online work. It looks like Skype when we are connected and it is very easy to use without needing to call or find contacts.

You can use it on your mobile phone or (preferably) computer. Headphones are recommended, but not essential, for your privacy.

If you are using your phone and haven’t used Zoom before, please download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your phone before the session.



If you are using a computer and haven’t used Zoom before, the software will ask you to download the first time we connect. You only need to do it once. If you prefer you can download it in advance here

At the time of your session I will send you an email with a link to a ‘meeting’. Click on the link and a video will open up and I’ll be there to welcome you.

At the end of the session we will end the meeting and the video will close. You don’t need to do anything else.

What happens if we lose connection during the session?

If you were to lose connection during the session, you can leave the meeting and click again on the link I sent you to re-join the meeting. This usually sorts out any connection issues.

If you cannot reconnect on Zoom, you can send me a text on my mobile phone and I’ll suggest what we can do. We will either try reconnecting on Zoom or continue the session on the phone.

If I lose connection, I will text you to let you know what to do next.

Please make sure you have your phone in the room with you.


All online sessions require payment on the day before the session by bank transfer. I will send you my bank details after confirming an appointment.

First session (75 min): £75

Ongoing sessions (60 min): £60

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and missed sessions will be charged the full session fee.

Any questions?

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like support with the technical side of things.

I look forward to welcoming you online!