Dr. Mia Kalef – “Hearing Our Song: How Prenatal and Birth Therapy Can Change Our Lives”

“We have our essential nature, you can call it our song, intact underneath every circumstance that we have ever endured. Yet it feels like some of the challenges we experience become our identity, that we, for very innocent reasons, must adapt as quickly as we can when we are in the womb to learn about the outside world and we take it in as though this is normal and proceed as such after we are born. It’s so sneaky how it gets into us, but it’s a purely intelligent adaptive loving response for your body to do that, because we are born not independent. It makes perfect sense that we become as similar as possible to our environment so we can survive and thrive in it, so that anything our mothers go through, our parents, our village, our culture, our ancestors we need to be somewhat similar, until we are independent enough and differentiate enough that we can move forward as individuals.”

Craniosacral work is a beautiful way into those early times that cannot be accessed through conscious talking and can help us get in touch with “our song” and clear the path for us to enjoy it more.

When you are in pain, the pain is not just about the tissues or place where it hurts. “Pain is an output of the brain designed to protect you. It’s not something that comes from the tissues of your body but it is a signal that comes from the brain.”

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I have just discovered the site http://saveyourself.ca It looks like it has loads of good stuff on and is the source for this video.

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How Can Craniosacral Therapy Help with Stress?

“Craniosacral therapy is directed precisely at the central nervous system, and more specifically at the self-healing mechanism that is controlled by this system. The body has the ability to fix anything that may go wrong with it. Sometimes this function is impeded, so it must be jumpstarted or rebooted so that it may rev itself back up and fight for its survival.”

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